Rolex watches are water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters, except for the Rolex Cellini, which is only 30 meters deep. Rolex Submariner is able to say that all of its watches are waterproof, up to a certain amount of water pressure, thanks to years of tried and tested models. Some diving timepieces are made specifically for deep-sea divers and can withstand water pressures of up to 3900 metres (12800 feet).

Rolex Submariner 126618lb Blue 41mm Yellow Gold

Rolex Submariner 126618lb 41mm Blue Dial (2020), Self-Winding Mechanical Movement, Yellow Gold Oyster Case, Water Resistance 300m. With their distinctive and classic aesthetics, the Rolex Submariner is manufactured to last. In 2020, Rolex launched the Submariner 126618lb timepiece. COSC chronometer-certified, the Submariner 126618lb features a -2/+2 second/day accuracy.

Rolex Submariner timepieces are handcrafted in Switzerland with the utmost care to ensure outstanding quality. Rolex Submariner 126618lb watch case is Yellow Gold: Because it is made up of 75% pure 18 carat yellow gold, copper, and silver, Rolex’s material has a pleasant lustre. Despite its great resistance, Rolex’s Yellow Gold has a stunning polished finish that retains its attractiveness through the years. Rolex’s exclusive foundry allows it to cast the highest quality alloys.

Rolex Submariner 126618lb can be submerged up to 30 ATM or 300 Meters / 1,000 Feet due to the revolutionary Rolex Oyster water-resistance casing. Oyster cases are rigorously verified for water-resistance ratings in addition to being made in-house by Rolex. Rolex Submariner 126618lb feature Triplock winding crown for waterproof protection. In comparison to the Twinlock system, this crown contains an additional sealed zone that was designed to assure greater waterproofness. Rolex’s Triplock system is identified by three dots below the emblem.

The Rolex watch is equipped a Unidirectional rotating 60-minute graduated, scratch-resistant Cerachrom bezel. Each Rolex dial is made with only the purest metals and carefully inspected in an in-house laboratory using state-of-the-art equipment. When it comes to Rolex Submariner 126618lb dials, the polish is a crucial aspect in creating pure metallic colours like Sunburst Blue tints. The Rolex Submariner 126618lb is incredibly legible in all settings, especially in the dark, owing to its Chromalight display.

Rolex Submariner 126613ln Black 41mm Rolesor Yellow

Rolex Submariner 126613ln 41mm Black Dial (2020), Perpetual Mechanical Self-Winding Movement, Rolesor Yellow Oyster Case, Water Resistance 300 meters. Rolex Submariner watches are known for their classic beauty and are made to last. In 2020, Rolex launched the Submariner 126613ln timepiece.

To ensure superior quality, Rolex Submariner watches are assembled by hand in Switzerland with the greatest care. Rolex Submariner 126613ln watch case is Rolesor Yellow: Rolesor watches have 18k gold bezels and stainless steel cases. Rolesor has been featured on Rolex models since the early 1930s, and it was patented as a brand in 1933. The stainless steel cases of Rolex Submariner timepieces are made from Oystersteel. Oystersteel is a steel from the 904L family that was developed by the company. Because Rolex’s material is made up of 75% pure 18 carat Gold, copper, and silver, it has a pleasant lustre. The Rolesor material is extremely resistant, has an superb finish once polished, and maintains its high quality appearance. The company has its own foundry, which allows it to cast the highest-quality metals.

A Rolex Submariner 126613ln has a 100m water resistance guarantee because of their patented Rolex Oyster case. Rolex manufactures its Oyster cases in-house, and every case is carefully verified for waterproofness. The watertight crown on Rolex Submariner 126613ln is called Triplock crown. In comparison to the Twinlock system, the Triplock crown has an additional sealed zone to ensure increased waterproofness. To recognise the Triplock system, the Rolex symbol is marked with three dots.

The Rolex reference 126613ln feature a Unidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated, scratch-resistant Cerachrom bezel. Rolex dials are produced with the purest metals and conscientiously tested in an in-house laboratory, using state-of-the-art equipment and painstaking attention to quality. Rolex Submariner 126613ln dial treatment plays an important role in achieving pure metallic dial hues like as Gloss Blackand silver tints. Due to its Chromalight display, the Rolex Submariner 126613ln is exceptionally legible under all conditions, and especially at night. Rolex Submariners are composed with scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal.

Do Rolex timepieces have a Chinese origin?

Rolex has established itself as an iconic brand in its own right. First and foremost, a genuine Rolex timepiece is not manufactured in China. You should be aware that any Rolex wristwatch marked “Made in China” is not genuine.

How can I maintain the lustre of my Rolex ?

You can help maintain the brilliance of your Rolex by cleaning it with a microfiber cloth. Cleaning the case and bracelet with a soft brush and soapy water is also a good idea from time to time. To ensure your timepiece is waterproof, make sure the winding crown is screwed down against the case before cleaning.

Do old Rolex make a good investment?

Rolex watches will survive for decades, whether they are new or used. In that scenario, buying a fresh new Rolex wristwatch isn’t necessary to ensure that it lasts a long time. If properly maintained for and serviced when necessary, Rolex timepiecees can last a lifetime.

What makes toothpaste so good at removing scratches?

The toothpaste softly sands away any imperfections that exist when it is applied to a smooth, slick surface, wearing away the uneven surface structure and polishing the surface too.

Is it permissible to swim with my Rolex ?

Wearing your Rolex into the water, whether in a chlorine pool or a saltwater ocean, is perfectly acceptable. Rolex is a tank, and you can use it for anything.